Appellate Litigation

Sometimes, the first result obtained in a case isn’t satisfactory. At other times, changes need to be made to an already-existing judgment or other legal reality. Whatever the situation, our team trains and practices extensively in the area of appellate litigation because we know that a successful appeal can be the “last best chance” for our client to succeed. Beyond “traditional” appellate litigation, we also focus on numerous post-conviction remedies. Our lawyers can confidently assist in withdrawing guilty pleas and pursuing “post-conviction petitions” to Ohio State courts, habeas Motions filed in a Federal District Court, and appeals of unsuccessful attempts at both. We also handle “expungement” cases in order to help you clear your record for the future. If you need an appeal in your case, call our office for a free consultation so we can assist you even after the “closing bell” has rung.

We have represented clients in the following areas:

To discuss a case where you need assistance in your appeal or other post-judgment issue, contact us for a free consultation.